Reading on La Mer

Sofea is playing with some of her new made friends. It has been more than an hour since we entered this place. And i have finished reading a few articles on La Mer dupes etc.

To be honest i always wonder why La Mer is expensive. Like super expensive. Bukan laa melampau yang x mampu beli, tp who on earth sanggup bayar more than 1k for a jar of cream ? Memang laa it can last more than a year. But still. Haha dilema sangat πŸ˜‚

I read one article on La Mer dupe ( it’s ponds rejuveness anti wrinkle something ) i cannot recall its name. On the other hand, another article suggested that we are actually paying more on the heritage and the rich history of La Mer.

Okay. The reason why i read those articles is because i want to know what are other options available. Why am i paying that much over other hundreds option available in the market ? You know, that kind of satisfaction when you actually know why you invested in something.

I believe that there are some other products that can give the same effect with what La Mer can do. And somehow agreed that La Mer is expensive because of its ingredient and its history. I am actually paying for its reputation and heritage. Just like Omega. Haha any watch can show you the same exact time in the world. But, yeah it’s Omega πŸ˜…

But deep inside me, i still have this small thought that La Mer is seriously good and that is why it can stay for decades in the industry. It started back in 1950s. And you can read the rest of the stories 😊 the more i read about them, the more i want to have their products. But first, i need to save a lot of money 🀣

These four items can simply cost me more than 5k guys. Haha almost ridiculous. But, it is hard to stop a girl from admiring La Mer. May be i can only buy one product in a year πŸ˜‚ hopefully it can last longer. More than 2 years perhaps ?