Fatty crab

Another round for fatty crab tonight ☺️

Was here two days ago with my friend. But you know i always have this issue. I want to be here with my loved ones 😘 it won’t be the same if they are not around.

And tadaa here we are tonight !


Off Day Lunch

Cooking is not always my forte. But this year i have improved a lot. Haha thanks to the demand πŸ˜… sofea regularly tell me that she loves eating at home. Home cooked food is always what he loves too. Propa !

Recently i read about kids being admitted due to excessive fast food intake. As a working mom i know we normally too tired to cook. Balik pun dah lewat. Nak cek keje sekolah anak lg. Baju sekolah. Nak masak ? Pastu nk kene kemas lg πŸ˜₯ not to complaint but itu laa realiti nya.


Jadi bila mana i’m on leave or on public holiday, i will try my best to cook ( i mean after this la ) hopefully Sofea seronok and happy makan whatever i cook for her πŸ€—

Off day, 31 Jan 2018