i was so tired yesterday. i had a back to back meetings. one in KL and another one in Putrajaya. i have my daughter who is not that healthy. she’s having quite a bad fever since Friday. devastated. and another baby is having bad fever. ahahah this one mmg over sikit kalo demam. but, that’s okay. i can handle that.

but aku lah paling bermasalah. rasa macam nk beli dua benda. buttttt aku dalam mood berjimat cermat.

yes i am soooo into duck-thing. sebab nya i have bought their foundation and i super love it ! like seriously sangat best, walau pn pada awal nya aku cam ala ala jer. sebab ye laa tak expect lebih pon kalo make up ni. paling tidak pn sama level jer dengan mac etc. but i was wrong. totally wrong.

so sebenar nya dari semalam aku duk pikir should i buy the clucth ? and the doily palette ?



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