did you ?

belum rasa nak tido. and baru jer habis packing barang nak pos esok. i have a few must-do-things before noon esok. anta Sofea pegi school, then drop by post office, then head straight to rumah Pudina and finally to the laundry.

getting fatter too. not healthy. and definitely not happy. it affects a lot of things especially my level of fitness. really need to work on this slowly. bloated and seriously it affect my whole life. next week boleh start lari lari anak kat tasik i guess 🤭 jangan kau malas pulak nnt


i think i’m getting better on financial control. i have slowly stop buying benda merepek. erk walau pun i just bought semua warna inner from dUCk. sekarang suka beli note book dan pen. aku pn tak tau kenapa nk kene beli semua tu. walhal ada banyak jer lagi 😓 mungkin boleh jot down progress workout aku kot. eh



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