Father Dearest

we are so busy growing up that we forget they are growing older. that hits me hard.

i almost forget how does it feels to have a father again 😢 a dearly father to everyone, i love him already. guess i always get myself attached to a father better than a mother ☺️



the pain, the void and the emptiness are beyond words. tak ada air mata yang mampu pulihkan rasa sedih, rasa kosong, rasa kehilangan tersebut. tak ada kata mampu menyatakan rasa rindu yang terbuku. yes, i have not write about you for quite sometimes but my heart beats your name ❤️

i want you to know that i am happy again. Sofea is happy too. we are all happy. thank you for everything you taught me. you made me the best person i am today. you taught me to be the best version of a girl / lady can be. i love you so much and thank you 😭 ❤️


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