Stay Strong

had my dinner with a friend. we had some girls session. something i normally don’t fancy doing 😌

i can listen to a lot of stories, but not about you being cheated. haihh it just made me so emotional. whenever i see that pain in her eyes, i know her heart shattered. worse, when she tried to appear strong 😥 it was too painful to see that she was still trying her best to find the slightest possibility to save everything she has.

it’s okay to love. it is okay to be hurt sometimes. we can fight. we can talk. we can disagree and be good again. be together again. and fight again. but please don’t lie to each other 😢



  1. Nice. Okay, will keep in mind. Smile now. 😊


    1. I write

      😊 we all should.

      Liked by 1 person

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