oh Sofea !

yassss, it’s Saturday again. semalam after the sushi dinner daddy left for an open house. the house was a bit messy. so i decided to clean it up a bit. despite of my sore body i know i just have to do it. hahah 😖 sebenar nya sentap sendiri bila beliau pegi dapur and still ada periuk nasik tak cuci. kohkohkoh. lepas tu biasa laa Sofea tanya macam macam. then i suddenly heard her singing a new song, probably the one she learned from her school. pastu dalam hati terfikir, anak aku ni lagu macam macam dah tahu. alfatihah dah pandai…

Happy Father’s Day

  i don’t know what spell he chanted. seriously super garang by nature. but at the same time the best-est daddy Sofea could ever asked for 😂 ( ehem, i am still here ) and this view is normal even after a long lecture. even after a ‘drama air mata’ they’ll magnet-ed to each other again ( i’m a third wheeler, guys 😪) We love you ❤️ and this man deserves a shout out, Happy father’s day, Daddy 🍀   xoxo

Eid 2018

selamat hari raya everyone ! ❤️ this is my second year of #teamrayasolo. secretly praying that no one should go through this feeling on raya celebration.  last year was in Ipoh for a road trip. and this year we make it a little farther. away from all the ketupat rendang thingy. he was the last one to leave last night. haha i know he tried his best to stay the longest possible. just to make sure that lonely syndrome does not hit me again this year. thank you so much and it is very much appreciated 😘 Sofea left on…

Stay Strong

had my dinner with a friend. we had some girls session. something i normally don’t fancy doing 😌 i can listen to a lot of stories, but not about you being cheated. haihh it just made me so emotional. whenever i see that pain in her eyes, i know her heart shattered. worse, when she tried to appear strong 😥 it was too painful to see that she was still trying her best to find the slightest possibility to save everything she has. it’s okay to love. it is okay to be hurt sometimes. we can fight. we can talk….