still doing good. but with a little pause. need to adjust a few things.

perlu kan semangat baru jugak rasa nya nih 😪 dari semalam berfikir, what do i want to achieve this year ? Rasa nya my plan will be as follows

➡️ study IR and a bit of history

Dari awal dulu mmg plan nak sambung belajar but i don’t fancy MBA. Benda sy tak minat. There is so much fun in politics. Especially when you can study politics and religion simultaneously ☺️

Eg : when GE was held on Wednesday, tak de orang pon ingat that Rasulullah once mentioned that hari rabu ialah hari kemusnahan yg berterusan. Firaun and Qarun contoh nya

➡️ get my house renovated and pindah for good

a house is always a home for me. so i need it to be warm and welcoming. it is where we belong. apa pn masalah, apa pun kesedihan we always find way to be home. A little excited about this 😜


➡️ family planning

I think i will need to settle down and start a family again. Haha i don’t want to die alone 😂


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