Hang In There

i think i have issues. basically with myself. i cannot deal with something unplanned. certain people said impromptu is the best. it works for picnic or coffee session, for me. but if it’s about life, then you are planning for a disaster.

i usually plan my life. and now i have a few unfinished businesses. everything is hanging and it’s bothering me like hell. it gives me headache, like it stuck there somewhere at the corner of your brain. sigh 🤯

but i have to calm down and let go some of the things. and i should know that letting go doesn’t mean that i am weak. but i believe it is for the better future. oh talking about future, i see nothing. because i don’t have plans. and that sucks big time. you have one life and yet you don’t have a plan what to do with your life. come on girl, you are better than this ! i feel useless 😥

i just need to shut down. from everything for a while. take a deep breathe and live on. remember you are one tough girl, hang in there 🤒



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