I Gave Up

  finally. i have decided to give up on you. may be it is not meant for me this year. i am no enemy of your time, but my timeline doesn’t suit yours for now 💔 no matter how much i want something, no matter how much hope i have, it just won’t happen sometimes 😔 some other time, may be. xoxo

Hey Budak

menduga jiwa 😪 dari pagi asek sepah kan barang. suruh kemas main sumbat jer barang die kt meja ngn drawer. some die buh jer dalam umah kecik die tu. pls, jangan malas ❗️   wahai buah hati, janganlah macam macam sangat perangai nya. ada masa mama penat yee. non stop mama. kadang rasa musykil pun ada 😩 time mandi tu laa macam macam nak di kabo nya. time tu laa nak di tanya segala benda. i know i will miss all theseeee later on. but for now mama rasa stress sikit 😭 thank you la daddy bawak Sofea jenjalan for 4 hours….

Deep Blue Sea 2

so i cooked today. just to eat by myself. and now terasa amat mental bila tengok movie pasal shark. i hate them. some people said they are beautiful creatures. how come ? may be dorang tak pernah tengok merak, burung nuri, or rama-rama 🦋 do you know that i possses thalassophia ? fear of the sea. open seas are so mysterious and frightening 😫 i know that laut is so soothing. cantik dan menenangkan. but ketahui lah dalan tenang sesuatu tu pasti ada taufan nya 🤐 okay now sakit kepala sbb tengok cite ni. plus im too full. and bloated….


still doing good. but with a little pause. need to adjust a few things. perlu kan semangat baru jugak rasa nya nih 😪 dari semalam berfikir, what do i want to achieve this year ? Rasa nya my plan will be as follows ➡️ study IR and a bit of history Dari awal dulu mmg plan nak sambung belajar but i don’t fancy MBA. Benda sy tak minat. There is so much fun in politics. Especially when you can study politics and religion simultaneously ☺️ Eg : when GE was held on Wednesday, tak de orang pon ingat that Rasulullah…


going back to hometown in a bit. dah lama tak balik kampung. as usual bila nk balik jer i have this weird feeling since my dad was not around. i know dah dua tahun, but i just cannot deal with it just yet. in need of vacation too. will need to be away for awhile i guess. life was not that cool either. been thinking about my study. whether to go abroad or not. been so comot for the past few years. asal pegi ofis jer serabai. rasa nya i have been recycling the same baju sama throughout the year 😷 tak…