Without You

i slept all day. i don’t go out and meet people. including my brother. and my other friends. i just see him. i think that is the best thing for me today. he is the only person that makes me feel comfortable being myself. especially when i am not okay 😌 i didn’t put on my make ups. i didn’t dressed up. i don’t know.

i was not that sad today. but i feel empty. April is always tough for me. it was this day i totally lost him. and it was today that i have to admit that i won’t be able to talk to him anymore. there will be no calls from him. there will be no shopping time with him. there will be no lunch and dinner date with him 😢 and it hurts !

they say there is a reason,

they say that time will heal,

but neither time nor reason,

will change the way i feel,

for no one knows the heartache,

that lies behind our smiles,

we have broken down and cried,

we want to tell you something,

so there won’t be any doubt,

you are so wonderful to think off,

but so hard to be without.


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