34 Today

Birthdays, anniversaries, they are important numbers to me. Meant to be celebrated or a little special than the rest of the days.

And this date, 34 years ago. Ada satu budak lahir kt dunia. Haha. And his 34 years of journey brought him here 😍


No matter how annoying you are, i guess you are still the best view i see everyday 😘

(Okay. Boleh muntah sekarang)

Haha. Happy Birthday sayang ❀



tonight i saw what love is. it breaks me a little. i never see a love that is so strong. she just have all my respect. and i think she deserves that.

i have a set of questions for myself. and my answer is always never. no empire has two queens. and no emperor can have that ‘un-biased’ attitude. and one heart can never love two souls. it is always never.

with all my heart i pray for your happiness. may Allah grant you the best place in this life and in the hereafter. you are such an amazing lady ❀️


you are beyond great 😒


How Much Time

homed. alone. watching London Has Fallen. never had the chance to watch this movie. while shoving some fries from McD to myself. i had a tough day. or may it is a tough week.

i missed some ideal family moment. especially dinner. i always think that dinner is the only meal that can gather everyone in the family. sit down and enjoy the food. it doesn’t need to be fancy or luxury kind of dinner. just a simple home cooked food will do πŸ˜ͺ

sometimes i wonder how much time left for the family ? because i myself always put my job first before anything else. hopefully i can change this situation later on. kids need us more than our job do. and they are young once. they are kid once. just once. 😭



That Kind

it’s March now, and we worked like there’s no tomorrow. we have a long list. to juggle between life and work is never easy. i think i can’t do this alone. but being me, i always have doubt for myself but in the end i know i can do this. i can do a lot of things.

most women want a man that is already established. but a strong woman will be a part of his struggle, survive it, succeed together & build an empire

i always want to be someone special in so many ways. but you know, we are not perfect. we cannot be that ideal-kinda-woman. but above all, i still want to be someone that he would love to go to war with. to battle beside him, that means a lot, i don’t know others but at least for me it doesΒ πŸ˜…

i don’t know. may be i’m just a little weird.


My Sunday

Just manage to clean up the house a bit. Watching Seniman Bujang Lapok too while waiting for the dinner 😊 patiently waiting for my kopi ‘o’ ice ❀️

We had a good Sunday i guess. Sofea and Daddy had their bonding time by playing some boy-ish game. Some remote control car kinda thing. I don’t know their stuff πŸ™…πŸ»β€β™€οΈ


I was very happy since i had my time to do some stretching and workout. It has been so long since my last workout 😭 but luckily i still can do some of the steps. But i need to do a circuit training after this.

I just love outdoor workout ❀️ i don’t have equipments but i have them. They matters !