What’s up guys

Selamat Hari Wilayah people ! So i’m on another off day. It’s a public holiday ❤️ yeay i love holidays.

I love waking up late. Staying in bed in the morning is just heaven. No one wants to jump off the bed on the day you don’t have to keep up with your alarm 🤗 but he made me get up and that drove me nuts.

No. No it’s not a romantic breakfast. Too common. Not a shopping kinda date too. We do that everyday 🙄

So what’s up people ?


Yes a 6km walk under the scorching hot sun 🌞 it is so lovely, aite ?

Seriously i don’t know what am i doing here. Yes it’s a golf tournament. I don’t know this sport. Should i call this thing a sport ? 😭 I don’t know how they are scored. Literally i know nothing. I only know that he plays golf, and he’s good at it. Period.

In my whole life, never once i wish to attend a golf tournament 😭😭 he made me walk all the way in that golf course 🤧 in my head, i have literally kill him like twice!

Ahhh. I am home and feels a lot better 😇

Just showered for 30 minutes. Need to get myself cool. Wrapped myself with kain batek and had cooling water gel all over my face 😪 Malaysia sure is so hot guys. Stay inside !

P/s : i hope tomorrow is Monday 😪

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