This One

last night i planned to read at least 2 chapters of any book. yes i have a lot of books on my shelve (erm actually it’s an old piano) i just put my books there. but me being very uncertain towards anything i planned, i ended up customizing my blog. yes, this blog 🙂

i find it neat and tidy. it suits my need. because i always want a clean and a bright blog. i want the font to be exactly this size. i want my photos to be in the same size too.  i just love being standardized. it makes my heart feel good.

i have another blog-spot. i have deleted that blog for a few times. i don’t know why. and now i’m thinking of putting it down again. the only problem is, i normally receive emails to do some reviews. and sometimes i am just too lazy. too tired to shoot the products. too tired to construct sentences. just plain lazy.

“writing is the painting of the voice”

but this one, i am so going to keep it. because i am being very honest with this blog. i talk about so many things. especially emotion. and i believe that this blog is pure.

i believe that i don’t do good English here. so do my Bahasa. i really need to work on that. that’s why i need to read a lot of books. i just want to improve here and there. a bit of one thing at a time.


love, Jan 2018

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