helo again.

life has been a roller coaster since a few weeks ago. office work is crazy 🤣 like seriously crazy. rasa nya semua orang in the office pun terasa bahang nya.

currently i think i have an issue. i cannot focus. or i simply lost my interest towards the thing that i do. i love to write. sometimes i have too many things to write. there is so much to tell. but i just don’t have the heart. i don’t know how to construct my sentences.

and my problem just don’t end there. when it comes to food, i always have this weird cravings. hmm at this very moment i feel like having keropok lekor. ahh sedap ! some other day, i want to have cold tau foo fa and cheesecake. when i want to feel a little healthy, i ordered some Vietnamese spring roll.


i haven’t get to shoot great photos too. it has been a while since my last portrait. i miss the two monsters too. they made me forget about my problems. they made forget about my office work. they made me forget how  tired i was that day. i don’t know. kids are just magical 😉

lets plan for a another trip please. i think i’m going to Legoland. but we need to workout first. jaga dorang memang kene cergas fizikal dan mental. cabaran penat dia memang lain macam sikit. hihi

Penang, Dec, 2017

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