my girl is not well. and i just cannot handle this anymore. i am beyond sad looking at her condition. she used to be a very cheerful one. she never stop talking too. like a chatterbox. she used to eat a lot. personally request what she wants to eat and where she wishes to have her dinner. yes, she’s a bit bossy. hehe.

i miss that so much 😥

and now i realised how insensitive i was when she was healthy. i asked her to quietly do her homework. there are days that i don’t hold her tight enough. when i have a lot of work, i ignored her questions. i thought, just by buying you toys i make you happy. but i forgot you need your mom more than anyone else. you need my attention.

i am a bad mom. but i’m trying to be a better one.

today she talks to me very nicely. asking me this and that. but her voice is not as the usual one. it breaks my heart. can we just exchange our place sayang ? i am more than willing to have your condition now. i just want you to be healthy again 😔

that is my Sofea. bright like the sun shines. loved by many. i would trade the world for that smile 🙂 i love you & i want you to be happy, healthy again !

Unwell, Jan, 2018

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