Off Day Lunch

Cooking is not always my forte. But this year i have improved a lot. Haha thanks to the demand πŸ˜… sofea regularly tell me that she loves eating at home. Home cooked food is always what he loves too. Propa ! Recently i read about kids being admitted due to excessive fast food intake. As a working mom i know we normally too tired to cook. Balik pun dah lewat. Nak cek keje sekolah anak lg. Baju sekolah. Nak masak ? Pastu nk kene kemas lg πŸ˜₯ not to complaint but itu laa realiti nya.   Jadi bila mana i’m…

This One

last night i planned to read at least 2 chapters of any book. yes i have a lot of books on my shelve (erm actually it’s an old piano) i just put my books there. but me being very uncertain towards anything i planned, i ended up customizing my blog. yes, this blog πŸ™‚ i find it neat and tidy. it suits my need. because i always want a clean and a bright blog. i want the font to be exactly this size. i want my photos to be in the same size too.Β  i just love being standardized. it…


helo again. life has been a roller coaster since a few weeks ago. office work is crazy 🀣 like seriously crazy. rasa nya semua orang in the office pun terasa bahang nya. currently i think i have an issue. i cannot focus. or i simply lost my interest towards the thing that i do. i love to write. sometimes i have too many things to write. there is so much to tell. but i just don’t have the heart. i don’t know how to construct my sentences. and my problem just don’t end there. when it comes to food, i always…

Fun Run

Saturday is always a great day for me. Had my beautiful sleep with Sofea. He left for his golf. I went out to shop some groceries. Cooked some meals for lunch. My brother was here too. We were all together for Arsenal Fun Run πŸ€— i always love the lunch or dinner together kinda thing. So much love !   Well, it was a fun run too. Run, 2018


  sangat sensitif. Benda remeh pn boleh buat aku sedih berabad lama nya. Hilang sarung bantal pn boleh buat aku kecewa πŸ˜₯ mudah bg orang lain untuk ganti baru jer. Tapi aku bukan jenis orang macam tu. setengah orang memang jenis patah tumbuh hilang berganti. Pada aku apa yang ada biar lah sebaiknya. Tapi yakin lah tak semua orang selari dengan kepercayaan aku. Kehendak apetah lagi. Jauh bezanya. Jan, 2018

When i Leave

  My first outstation for 2018. And it was a good one. My only problem is when i leave, i always leave with a heavy heart. Even though i know it won’t be a long one. Sometimes i’m scared, what if i never come back ? πŸ˜₯ I know i overthink. I also know that overthinking kills. I try to just enjoy my trip. And be happy. Will come back in one piece to my loved ones ❀️ Jan, 2018